Basic Aerobatics in the RV-14 (video)

First let me start by saying I'm so far from an expert at aerobatics that you should not look to me for advice on the subject.  I'm a newbie and I basically suck at it.  That said, I am finding it very fun to get involved in.  The RV-14 has a slower roll rate than the RV-7 and RV-8 models, but even though it's a little mushier, it still can be a lot of fun.  I do not have inverted fuel and oil systems, so my aerobatics will always be a bit more simplistic and limited to only positive G maneuvers.
Without wanting to drag on the discussion much at this point, as I just don't know all the answers, here's a little video that I shot of one of my first few aerobatic sessions in the RV-14.  This video is uncut from the original flight so all of the maneuvers happened in this sequence and as quickly as you watch them.  There were a few more maneuvers that I clipped off the end so that you wouldn't get too bored, and to match the song length.  Hopefully I will have more and better videos down the road.