RV-14 Interior!

Installed 3/29/2017

Abby at Flightline Interiors has once again been working hard to get the RV-14 all dolled up with a nice cozy interior.  I had been ok all winter, thanks to global warming making this the warmest winter we've ever experienced...but I was *REALLY* missing out on having some pockets in the cockpit.  Luckily Abby was ready to come to the rescue and fix my problems.  I did a bit of test fit work of her panels, and we found they fit real nicely, providing a nice warmth barrier against that outside skin.  The pockets are spacious and secure, and should work great for keeping things in place during aerobatics.

I'm also really enjoying her seats.  I'm glad she made them as back cushions only that use the original seat pans, rather than being a completely covered seat that covers the seat back pan also.  Here's why... I'm finding that the RV-14, when you use a parachute, suddenly goes from fitting my almost 6'2" height perfectly, to becoming just slightly too small.  This is despite me getting a parachute that is only 2" or so thick.  When I fly aerobatics, I remove the seat back cushion, which allows me to use the parachute itself as the seat back cushion.   The slight difference between the seat cushion thickness and the parachute thickness is enough to bring me just enough closer to the stick that I'm not at 100% comfort level...even with the seat pan all the way aft.  If I were to have one of those fully covered seat systems, removing the seat pad would be impossible and I'd have to build an entirely separate seat back pan that I'd swap in for aerobatics.

After seeing these interior pieces in place though, I'm pretty thrilled with having it all nice.  It's finally ready for some x/c flights as well as the local aerobatics and flight training I've been doing with it for the past few months.

RV1420170325-153709-001.jpg RV1420170325-153717-002.jpg RV1420170325-153727-003.jpg
RV1420170325-153736-004.jpg RV1420170325-153749-007.jpg RV1420170325-153755-008.jpg

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